Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bemidji Camping: Potato boats

Well its only been two years, but hey better late than never. With only one semester left of high school, and an easy one at that. I decided to (try) to blog some food once again:)

Right now I am sitting at home on Tuesday a “cold day”. I, along with most Minnesotans have not had school for six days because it is -40 with wind-chill.

With all this cold, I have a major itch to go camping!! I really, REALLY WANT TO GO!!

(look at how wonderful Lake Bemidji looks in the summer time!)

           In honor of this camping itch we are going to make a three part camping recipe posts from last summers amazing camping trip. In august, we went to Bemidji State Park, MN. Once again I took two of my best friends, Zoe and Rachael, and Paul took his friend. This was by far the best camping trip I have ever been on let me tell you it was loveBemidji was beautiful, it was the beginning of August with a high of 75 each day and a low of 50. Perfect for hiking, canoeing and having campfires. Bemidji is one of the larger lakes in Minnesota and known for Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox. The State park was beautiful; the sites were nicely wooded which helped shield from neighbors and the beach was the best beach I have ever seen in Minnesota.

(Hanging with Bunyan and Babe)

The first day we got there at 6ish, than quickly set up our campsites. The girls and I had our own, kind of across from my parents and the boys, so we set up our tent and the hammock (a campers must). Nothing big happened that night, but the next day was a blast.
(Frank, Zoe, Me, Paul and Rachael on the Bog walk)

 My family at Bog Lake, arn't we cute!

Just around the river bend, beyond the shore....

After we finished our canoe adventure, my parents took it out for a spin on a canoe date. Leaving us… well more like me… in charge of tending to the fire and making dinner.

Campfire Potato Boats

These super easy potato boats are perfect for camping. We have made them the past two years and are never planning to stop making them. They take just a little bit of pre travel prep and once camping every one can customize their own. 

1 baked potato per person
Cheddar cheese
Ham from the deli
Bacon -we forgot to bring ours :(
Salt  and pepper
Sour Cream
Aluminum foil and sharpies

Before you leave...

Pre bake your potatoes, and remember to pack them in to your cooler.
It can also be helpful to pre cut rosemary, chives and slice cheese.

At the campground...

What I love most about this recipe is that everyone makes their own.
1.     Give every one two sheets/layers of tinfoil, aprox. 12in x 12in.
2.    Place your potato in the center of the tinfoil and slice potato every 1 inch almost to the bottom.
3.    Than between each slice add ham, cheese and bacon
4.    Top with rosemary, salt, pepper and a bit of butter through out.
5.     Fold your aluminum foil over the length of the potato. Than roll the other sides up. Be sure to write your names on the aluminum foil with sharpie, especially if people used different ingredients.
6.    Place your boats on a hot grill for 20 minutes, or until every thing has warmed and melted together.
7.    Open up; add your chives and sour cream, than bon appetite!

We had canned corn and watermelon with our potato boats, a very hardy and filling meal for a day of fun.

Stay tuned for part two of camping: Cheesy Salsa Campfire Dip

For more camping ideas see my previous post from camping a few summers back. 

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