Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentines Day Menu

First off, sorry, it’s been a while. This week was crazy with homework and studying for tests. And I know that Valentine’s Day was a few days ago, but it’s better than nothing :-) Next week I will be in a set schedule. I am super excited for it because I won’t only be adding recipes. You can expect to find things such as; kitchen organization tips, cooking tips, nutrition ideas, food shows and restaurant reviews, apron ideas and just my thoughts on foods. If you have any suggestions please comment on the post.

My Dad, with the help of Paul and myself made an amazing dinner for Valentines, before my Mom got home. I wanted to give you a breakdown of the meal.
For the main meal we had Chicken Primavera. It was fabulous!! You can expect to see the recipe eventually when we make it again.
 Our drink was Chocolate milk. YUM I know. Chocolate milk is a big treat in our house. We get it about 3 times a year on special occasions. For every other day in the year we drink skim milk.
For our vegetable we had asparagus drizzled with a sauce I made. The sauce was ok. I personally don’t love asparagus, I’ll eat it, but I would eat it more with this sauce. The recipe was steam asparaguses as you normally would. Than on medium heat in a sauce pan mix I part milk, 1 part miracle whip and 1 part cheese. Granted I made it closer to 2 ½ parts cheese. All in all every one gave it a 3 out of 5 stars.

 We also had garlic baguette or French bread.

For dessert, Paul made some strawberries dipped in chocolate and we split the red velvet cakes, as seen above.

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