Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bemidji Camping: Menu Over View

My Dad is my partner in crime when it comes to camping food. There are a few reasons for this
1.   First and probably most important he pays for it and takes me grocery shopping
2.    He has way more camping experience, obviously
3.    He does the packing of the cooler and food bins (well he packs everything)
4.    He is the other person in charge of cooking while camping.

Our first step is always to figure out how many meals we need. We had 7 people to feed for 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 3 dinners, for a grand total of enough food for 63 meals. Due to a longer ride and we decided we would eat fast food on the road for Thursdays dinner and Sundays lunch. We also knew that we would be in town on Saturday and would eat at a local restaurant. This cut it down to 41 meals and of course a lot of snacks.

Before you leave pre-wash all fruit and veggies and keep in a plastic container. Freeze the water bottles you want cold along with your orange juice to put in cooler. Check to see if there is a fire ban at your campground. You don’t want to show up with food that needs to be cooked just to find out you cant have a fire. Remember you can also buy food, so bring directions to the nearest grocery store.

When we bring friends camping with us, we usually take single serving things such as chips and cereal. That way there are more options to choose from. To make it easier on the cooker and more fun for the others have everyone help make there own meal. For a fast clean up pack paper plate and cups (not plastic) because at the end of the day you can use them as kindling in your fire. The most important thing to remember is keep your meals easy to make and easy to clean.

A video of all the food we brought. It is probably a good thing we had two cars.

Camping Menu
Thursday: Day 1-Travel

Breakfast and Lunch

  •  Ate before we left and headed out right at noon

  •    Stopped in Bemidji for some fast food because we wanted to get our campsites set up before the sun set. It is no fun setting up in the dark!

Night Snack
  • S’mores

Friday: Day 2- Exploring Lake Bemidji State Park

  •        Blueberry muffins and lemon Poppy Seed Muffins (made before the trip)
  •       Eggs
  •        Sausage
  •        Bananas
  •        Grapes
  •       Orange juice

Lunch- Picnic Hike
       We had everyone make there own and pack there own lunches
  •        Peanut Butter and jelly Sandwiches
  •         Juice boxes / water
  •         Carrots
  •         Chips (we usually bring chips in single serving bags, that way more selection to choose from and it helps regulate chip consumption)
  •     Peanut butter cookies (made before hand)

  •        Potato Boats (found HERE)
  •        Canned Corn
  •        Watermelon
  •        Cheesy Campfire dip (found HERE)
o   Carrots
o   Celery
o   Cucumbers
Night Snack
  •        Some more S’mores! And Jiffy pop

Saturday: Day 3-Out on the Town

  •        Bagels
  •        Left over muffins
  •        Bananas
  •        Grapes

Lunch- in Bemidji
  •        Minnesota Nice Café
Afternoon Snack
  •        Ice Cream at the Headwaters Café in the Mary Gibbs Mississippi headwater center.
  •        Hotdogs and brats
  •        Chips
  •        Watermelon
  •        Carrots
  •      pickles 
Nighttime snack
  •  Dutch Oven Peach cobbler (found HERE)

Sunday: Day Four- Going Home

  •        Individual cereal boxes
  •        Left over bagels/muffins
  •        Left over fruit

  •       On the road 
  •        Peanut butter cookies
  •        Fruit
    • strawberries
    • grapes 
    • watermelon
    • apples
    • bananas
  •        Veggies
  •       Mini Bagels
  •        Pretzels
  •        Crackers
  •        Mini donuts
  •        Munchies
  •        Watermelon
  •        Jiffy pop and pre-popcorn
  •   peanuts
  •   apple sauce 

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