Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Makeup Brush Rollup DIY

When it comes to packing for vacation, I am very particular about having things sorted. Makeup in one bag, hair in another, chargers in a case, etcetera, and now I finally have a place to keep all of my brushes from getting damaged. Although I use a jar for my brushes in my bathroom, it is a great solution to keep your makeup brushes in everyday. This makeup brush roll can be easily customized to fit your brush sizes. Personally I don’t bring all my brushes when I travel, yet I made it to fit all my brushes. This way if I do need to bring them all they have a spot or the empty spots can fit eyeliner mascara and lipstick. What is especially nice about this case is the laminate interior, which makes makeup transfer an easy clean.

1/3 yard cotton fabric for outside case
1/3 yard cotton fabric for inside pocket
1/3 yard of laminate fabric for inside the case
2 ½ yards of piping in coordinating color
See through ruler
Rotary cutter and mat
Wax paper
Straight pins
Iron and Ironing board
Pencil (traditional wood #2 works well, Better yet is a 4B or 6B drawing pencil)
30 inches of rickrack
jar or can to trace and make rounded corners

*This pattern was adapted from Sew4Home

Cut a 18” by 9” rectangle of outside cotton and inside laminate fabric. Cut a 18” by 11” rectangle from the pocket. Iron the cotton fabrics. Fold the pocket fabric in half length wise (wrong sides together) and press. The folded part will become the top part of the pocket.

Take a jar, place on the corners and trace. Cut the corners off to make rounded corners.

Cut a piece of wax paper 18” by 9”. Using your fabric mat, find the center of the wax paper. Draw a line with a pencil.  A dull #2 wood pencil is good, but I found that a dull 4B or 6B drawing pencil created darker lines. I customized mine so it is would fit all of my brushes. To do this I used graph paper and mapped out the different sizes needed. I worked from the centerline out.


Pin the wax paper on top of the laminate and pocket. 

Sew on the wax paper lines. I used a contrasting color, but if you are worried about crooked lines use a matching thread. Tear away wax paper once you sew all the seams.

Pin your rickrack ties on the right side of the pockets piece. Leave a small tail sticking off the edge.
To insure that you don’t accidentally sew rickrack in to a seam, tuck the tail into a pocket.

Pin the piping on the bottom of the fabric, right sides together. Leave the end sticking out.

Sew together with piping, leaving a three inch gap.

Flip right side out. Finish off seam.

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